Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled our most common questions, but if you do not see an answer you are looking for please contact us!  We love talking cruisers and will be happy to discuss!

Who is Elite Land Cruisers?

We are a team of Engineers, Designers, Mechanics and Craftsmen with a love for creating boutique, hand crafted original restorations of Toyota Land Cruisers.   Our ideal restoration is one that is completely original and returned to show room condition. We love of the brand and everything it stands for and it is shown in the quality of our work. The Classic lines, the simplicity in function, the quality of construction, the renowned reliability- it's unparalleled. Our mission to deliver high quality restorations at a fair price and have fun doing it! 

Why does it matter?

The short answer is Quality, Cost and Time.  Our cost and lead times are significantly less than our competitors- while not compromising on quality. We are a passionate and meticulous restorer of Toyota Land Cruisers Series 25, 40, 45, 60 and 75.  We find our own stock of candidates for restoration and specialize in true body off/ frame off, Stage 3 restorations (every nut and bolt).   Don't take our word for it, see what our clients are saying on the Testimonials page.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

We take on a limited number of restorations each year that align well with our quality management and clients needs.  This boutique approach allows for the time necessary to deliver a high-quality result to be used for generations to come.  Most times, we can get started right away and deliver within 9-12 months. 

I already have a Land Cruiser. Can you restore mine?

No.  Part of our quality process and reason we can offer at a fair price means we have to control quality, availability and location of the donors.  We know what to check to make sure there are not major issues with the donor Cruisers.

Do you sell used or unrestored vehicles?

We do not sell unrestored Land Cruisers. Occasionally we do have clients who want to resell a vehicle that was previously built by Elite Land Cruisers or our Founder will sell one of his personal Land Cruisers that may not be fully restored.  See our “Private Collection” page to see if our Founder has one of his for sale.

How much does a typical Elite Land Cruiser Restoration cost?

Our prices include the actual Toyota Land Cruiser and range from $65 to $89k.  Compare our prices and consider you get the same Japanese made Land Cruiser including full stage 3 restoration.  Others charge this or more and you have to find a running cruiser as a donor which can cost tens of thousands more.

What are your payment terms?

We divide payment into three installments. We request a 40% down payment when you sign up, a second payment (30%) is due before we begin paint, and a third payment (30%) is due at the time of your final inspection, prior to delivery or your transport. 

Do you sell parts?

NoWe do not sell parts.  We source all the hard to get to parts and do not sell direct to outside parties.

Where do you source the "donor" vehicles?

We only source Japanese Toyota Factory produced Land Cruisers.  Period.  The same Japanese quality will exist regardless if it was originally shipped to the United States, Central America, or beyond.  This also allows us to fine the most sought-after Toyota Diesel Versions of the Land Cruiser such as the BJ40, HJ45, HJ60 and the HJ75. Regardless of where they come from, they all go through the same restoration process. 

Do you have completed vehicles available for purchase?

Our goal is to have some “Spec” Toyota Land Cruisers available for clients who “want it now”.  However, word is out and our contracted sales at times will prevent a lot of inventory already completed.  Contact us to see what is almost complete or see “Available to Purchase” page on this site. 

Can you ship the car to my country?

Yes, as long as there is not an embargo limitation to ship to your country. Keep in mind that registering a vehicle is your responsibility and expense. Every country has different rules for importing classic vehicles, so please do your homework before placing an order.

How can I use my Restored Toyota Land Cruiser?

Most of our clients use their vehicles actively as weekend drivers - for cruising around town, car shows, camping, fishing, biking, or even Cars and Coffee.  I can promise you that you will have a smile on your face and get a wave or two from envious spectators. Drive a Legend today and Leave a Legacy for the future. The 60 or 75 Series can be used for daily drivers; however, they do not have the same modern safety features of cars today.  

What about Title & Registration?

We will provide the paperwork required to get your new title and registration.  The national 25-year rule allows for emissions exemption and importation of Diesels and other models not originally sold in most all states, but please check with your state before purchase.  Note basic safety inspection may be required just like any other car that may not require a full emissions testing.   

What options are available?

We love original OEM classic builds.  It's what we do.  But sometimes you want a little upgrade- We get it.  Therefore, our list of options is small but includes choice of paint color, upholstery color and material, tire size, wheel color, suspension, AC, power steering.  Special Edition restorations can include ARB bumpers, winches, snorkels, spot lights and soft top options (not complete list). 

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